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We’re ready to discuss it all! A full cover-to-cover picture book deep dive. No endpaper, page turn, simile, or chocolate chip left unturned.


CookiePitch Book Club is generally held on the first Tuesday of the month! To sign up, register via the button available on this page (note no registration is currently available), read the book before we meet, and if you are really here for a good time, bring your favorite cookie.

Bonus! We will also offer a writing prompt. We will take an aspect we studied and see how to apply it to our own WIPs.

Here is your "get the most out of the book club" to-do list (save or screenshot this):

  • Buy or check out a copy of, and read, the book before the meeting.

  • Familiarize yourself with the Zoom platform and how to log in. The event will start on time.

  • To participate in the writing activity, bring one of your picture book manuscripts OR an idea for a main character you want to add into a future picture book manuscript. If you bring a manuscript, it can be a first draft or a finished draft. You won't be sharing the manuscript with others, but you will need it for the prompt.


Please support the author and illustrator by buying the book or checking the book out from your local library, if those options are available to you.


We hope to see you there!

But honestly, maybe this is all fake…. SIGN UP AND SEE.

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