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CookiePitch FAQ

What’s a #cookiepitch?

A #cookiepitch is a great Twitter pitch for a terrible book idea (specifically a children’s picture book). What do we mean by a terrible idea? Maybe the concept itself is awful. Maybe it’s amazing but completely unmarketable. Maybe it’s just plain ridiculous. You decide why it’s terrible, we decide why we love it!

FAQ: About

How do I #cookiepitch?

Just use the hashtag #cookiepitch, #art, and/or #kids on the designated pitch days (check our landing page for up-to-date information!) between 12:00 am and 11:59 pm California time. The entry period is so long to allow folks in other parts of the world to have a chance to participate during what are normal hours for them. It's mostly for the Australians, however, because there are lots of them there and we like them almost as much as we like Canadians.

Curious about the awards? Head over here.

Text-based awards, or those not using the secondary #art and #kids hashtags, will be eligible for the Le Grand Biscuit and Cookie Dough awards if they make sure to include the #cookiepitch hashtag (we won't see it if it doesn't include #cookiepitch in the ORIGINAL tweet).


Illustrators get a special hashtag because illustrators are special. To be considered for either the Snicker-Doodle OR the Cookiepitcher Excellence in Illustration and Design Award, you must use BOTH #cookiepitch AND #art to be considered for a prize.

Similarly, we've got an award for kids! The Shortbread Award goes to five kid entrants with the most likes who use BOTH #cookiepitch AND #kids (not #kid, but we might be forgiving a little bit) to be considered for this prestigious acclaim.

Here's where it gets a little confusing: If you don't use the #art hashtag (for the Excellence in Illustration and Design) along with the #cookiepitch hashtag (or #kids for the Snickerdoodle), you will not be considered for an illustration award. If you have a very strong pitch and a very strong illustration, you can submit them as two separate entries: one with just the #cookiepitch hashtag, another with BOTH #cookiepitch AND #art. If you do not include the additional hashtags, you will be considered for the Top Cookie award but not the Illustration Award, even if an illustration is attached.

FAQ: How-to

Why is it called #CookiePitch?

Once upon a time, CookiePitch Fake CEO Mark Wright thought he’d need to incentivize folks to participate in a ridiculous pitch event for nonexistent books. Turns out that’s just plain fun, but still: all CookiePitch winners are awarded $1.19 toward a delicious cookie, in addition to their choice of tons more great prizes offered by the Kidlit community on Twitter!

What are the other prizes?

All winners will get $1.19 via Venmo (or similar online payment system) because that’s how much a decent cookie costs these days. Whether or not you actually use if for that is totally your business. 

See the complete list here.

FAQ: Text
FAQ: Text

Who can pitch?

Anyone, but keep in mind the pitch is for a children’s picture book.

Am I allowed to like, comment, or retweet?

Unlike other pitch events, absolutely anyone can - and should - like, comment, retweet, quote retweet, or otherwise engage with the pitch tweet. Keep in mind, however, that the Cookie Supreme Awards are given to those with the most likes only.

Do the pitches need to be about cookies?

Nope. And to be honest, it would get real tedious real quick if we had to read a bajillion pitches about cookies. So PLEASE write pitches about something other than cookies.

FAQ: Text
FAQ: Text

How many pitches can I pitch on #cookiepitch day?

As many as you want, though you risk diluting the amount of likes you get per pitch if you’re throwing them out willy-nilly.

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