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#CookiePitch AWARDS

(Award Categories Described Below!)

Be sure to thank our donors and follow them on Twitter!

Awards will be given to the TOP FIVE WINNERS for the following awards:

The Le Grand Biscuit Award, given to those CookiePitches using #cookiepitch receiving the most love (or faves, or hearts, or likes) on Twitter during the event.

The Snicker-Doodle Award, to the top liked doodlers in our #cookiepitch #art illustration category.

The Cookie Dough Award, representing the capricious whim of CookiePitch Fake CEO Mark 'Spuddle' Wright among all text pitches using #cookiepitch.

The CookiePitcher Excellence in Illustration and Design Award, representing a veritable and arbitrary chef's choice winner selected by CookiePitch Fake CEO Mark 'Spuddle' Wright for pitches using #cookiepitch #art.

And the Shortbread Award, given to the top five youthful CookiePitchers for their entries tagged with #cookiepitch #kids (NOT #kid).

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